Opal Computational Platform

Valo Opal Computational Platform™

Opal is an AI-powered platform fueled by high-quality human data built to accelerate the delivery of drugs to patients.

Traditional drug discovery is characterized by siloed data and siloed operations with a 5% success rate. We’ve set out to pioneer digitally-native drug discovery and development using patient data: an integrated approach.

Spanning from disease and target discovery through approval, data is continuously generated and integrated at all stages across Opal. Every time Valo runs an experiment, our self-reinforcing, active learning system grows smarter, better, and more efficient. This is the power of both AI and patient data. Here's how:

Opal is built upon quality, large scale, human-centric data that we believe is the largest and densest in the world. Our always growing database is an integration of unique, exclusive, generated and publicly available data that makes it possible for us to unify analysis and modeling.

Within our integrated platform, human data is used to develop machine learning models. These models help us to predict how and when a disease will progress, if and how a drug will perform before it even touches a person, to select the targets that address diseases, how to design a clinical study based on the data-driven nature of a disease… and we’re just getting started.

The integration of drug discovery and development minimizes data loss while continuously informing and accelerating the process.

In the Opal platform Valo fuses the different data and insights using proprietary methodologies…

... and processes them to derive insights through the machine learning layer…

... that make them collectively actionable.

As the process continues, data are generated both to advance drug programs and to improve machine learning models, ensuring that the Opal platform increases in quality to enable precise, actionable pathophysiological insights.

Every time Valo advances a drug program, more data is generated and integrated back into the closed-loop system, speeding up what we learn to further develop the Opal platform.

Valo's Opal Platform is not purely computational. Our wet lab chemistry and our Biowire technology enable more effective data generation and simulations. Opal’s Biowire technology allows us to produce human-relevant tissue in the lab, which gives Valo the unprecedented ability to accurately test drug compounds before clinical trials, providing crucial insight into mechanism and drug response.

We aim to become the standard technology platform for drug development.

With Opal, we seek to produce more effective drugs that make it to the patients who need them faster.

Opal in Action

Leveraging Valo’s Opal Computational Platform and Charles Rivers Laboratories' (CRL) leading preclinical expertise, Logica™ transforms drug discovery with a single integrated offering seamlessly translating targets to candidate nomination.

The Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) Research and Innovation's Biobank of Israel’s leading HMO has created a first-of-its-kind multiyear collaboration with Valo to leverage Opal to spearhead innovative studies that analyze complex diseases, identify connections between diseases, predict new subpopulations within our current knowledge of diseases and generates new insights about disease treatment and prevention.