This is Intelligent Health

What if we could change how drugs are created?

What if development took months, not years?

What if breakthroughs in health were engineered?

What if the next medical revolution is here?

Drug discovery and development is inefficient, expensive, and too often ends in failure.

With a 5% success rate, the average drug requires more than $2 billion in investment and over a decade to come to market.

Valo is a new type of technology company, uniting human and machine intelligence aiming to accelerate the creation of life-changing treatments.

We have created a platform that allows us to take a radically new, holistic look at patients and diseases.

A revolutionary integrated drug development platform

We have created the first closed-loop, human-centric, active-learning, end-to-end integrated drug discovery and development engine.

Spanning the entire R&D lifecycle, the Opal Computational Platform has the potential to deliver breakthrough medicines at far less cost and with fewer failures.

Opal combines data unrivaled in size, depth and fidelity with real-world evidence, human insights, and machine learning to feed an integrated system driven by massive compute power.

Opal identifies molecules and predicts their chances for success for the right patient populations at an unprecedented pace

The Opal Computational Platform
has been created to address some
of the world's most challenging conditions.

We aim to develop a pipeline delivering years
of life-changing medicines, focusing on neurodegenerative,
oncological, and cardiovascular disease.

This is Intelligent Health

Be Part of A New Way of Developing Life Changing Drugs

We have created a culture of diversity and inclusion where people are generous with their ideas, support and trust each other, and feel free to openly voice their opinions.

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