Nate Bays

Executive Director, Tissue Engineering

Nate thrives at the intersection of biology, data, and engineering. At Valo, Nate leads tissue engineering teams to create models of human cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue using the Biowire™️ platform. These engineered tissues reproduce complex human biology in health and disease but at a scale amenable to the discovery of new therapeutics. The control afforded by an engineered tissue platform leads to highly reproducible data and serves as a rich substrate for Valo’s Opal Computational Platform™️.

Nate joined Valo with the acquisition of TARA Biosystems. Prior to Valo, Nate was engineering biology at Gingko Bioworks. Nate led the assay development team at Ginkgo for widely diverse projects from food to therapeutics. While at Ginkgo, Nate initiated mammalian cell engineering efforts and a mammalian cell foundry. Nate joined Ginkgo after working in antibody discovery for Lilly, leading multiple biomarker efforts for immuno-oncology drugs. Nate gained deep small molecule drug discovery experience at Merck, leading discovery programs and developing a breadth of biochemical and cell-based assays – advancing new levels of automation for assays like flow cytometry. Nate began their biopharma career at Exelixis elucidating drug MOA using model genetic systems.