Opal Computational Platform

Traditional, linear approaches to target discovery and drug development have created sub-optimized systems that are intrinsically disintegrated and disconnected.

Valo built Opal to be a fully unified, end-to-end integrated platform with applications across the entirety of the drug discovery and development paradigm

Valo believes strongly that the combination of data and compute gives us a tremendous opportunity to rewrite the drug development process.

Enabling end-to-end human-centric insights and connecting all of the phases of drug development, Opal is positioned to advance a robust pipeline of therapeutic candidates in potentially half the time, at half the cost, and with fewer failures

  1. Target Discovery

    Valo uses human data in the context of human disease to identify novel human disease-associated targets and biomarkers based on genotype-phenotype-causality linkages discovered through advanced machine learning techniques and Valo’s expert scientists. This allows Valo to approach treating human disease without using traditional surrogates like cell models, mice, or similar. There is no better way to understand humans and their diseases than humans themselves.

  2. Molecule Design

    Valo has created a unique “closed-loop” active learning, self-reinforcing, in silico and in lab-experimental platform that rapidly iterates to design drugs, making targeted and specific small molecules ‘engineerable’. We can go from zero to a molecule in hand in as little as 3 weeks. Valo can screen trillions of molecules computationally and billions of molecules empirically in a matter of days to weeks.

  3. Clinical Development

    Valo has developed proprietary models for IND-enabling studies to drive translation success, including integrating it into molecule design, as well as simulations and prediction capabilities across the key drivers of clinical success: safety, efficacy, patient selection, and disease selection.